Trouble at Shallow Lake

The following details the various sessions in the chapter of Trouble at Shallow Lake.

Session 1

Kegadin, Rheagar, Kurn

The family is gathered by Reis Ashworth, patron of the Ashworth Family. In the Mill he brings a concern to their attention. It is late autumn. Another winter is coming and they family doesn’t have nearly enough food to last. Reis claims his own contacts might be able to pull through but while he is away, Rhegar, Kurn and Kegadin must go out and find a way to collect enough to stock up. Faced with the options to raid, steal or hunt for it. Hunting has become scarce in the area but the party believes it better to try hunting first then further annoy the townspeople of Shallow Lake.

They dispatch some wolves that attack and miss a rare deer. The wolves, on inspection, are seen to be emaciated. Hunting for them has become poor as well. They chose to work along the river into the swamps rather than the mountainside. There they encounter some Wobblers, an amphibious frog-like creature that have no language but understand tools and structures. They have set an outlying camp and first contact sets them into a rage. After they’re defeated, the party learns that the main camp is fenced in further upstream.

Session 2

Kegadin, Rheagar, Kurn, Zatarra

Willing to eat Wobbler in order to get by for the Winter, the party decides to raid the camp. They swing to the north side and get in through the poor fencing. They step on a Kruthik nest and almost alert the camp, but manage to stay quiet. In one of the huts they find a scholar tied up by the name of Zatarra who had been with an apprentice surveying the area.

Further in the camp they find the dwarven apprentice already sacrificed by the Wobbler chieftain. They ambush the Wobblers and slaughter them all. Taking the corpses, they also find a series of magical materials including a Wondrous Lantern. They return full of Wobbler meat to stock up on and leave it to Shiela to cure. Zatarra gets the last empty room and the party rests for the night.

Waking up they move to their second objective, which is to collect money for the season. Convinced that raiding the toll road is a good option, they try to setup post but find no viable targets that day. As they are about to leave, a man is seen walking up the road. They send out Zatarra, the unknown character to the village to scout who instead runs into Bunyan. He threatens him and goes on his way but the party realizes Bunyan’s home must be empty and goes to loot it.

Session 3

Kegadin, Rheagar, Kurn, Zatarra

Shiela takes up the watch as the party loots the home. They go inside and find little treasure but do come across a book called The War of our People, which details some of the battles the Brood engaged with against the Dragons.

Shiela’s screams can be heard and the party scrambles to leave. Rheagar is marked in his skin with a red dye and goes into hiding and they leave a completely demolished room in their wake. Knowing it was them, the party abandons a rescue attempt and accepts their punishment. Bunyan commissions them to do “honest work” and herd sheep to the capitol of Wyndia. The trip is arduous and they lose only one sheep but forever make an enemy of Gary.

Session 4

Kegadin, Rheagar, Kurn, Zatarra

The party finishes their work and Shelia is freed. Reis is sent to the quarry to handle some unknown mission. Meanwhile the party investigate strange attacks from a Nue, a large lion-like creature according to the townsfolk. After some heavy drinking, they trace the Nue back to the same quarry Reis is at.

Reis is found at a hut at the quarry entrance, injured from his battle with the Nue. After a nasty skirmish at the cave entrance, the party finds a minecart leading further down. They decide to rest before proceeding down.

Session 5

Kegadin, Rheagar, Kurn, Zatarra

Sliding down the minecart, the party decides to force their way, jump a canyon and otherwise Indiana-Jones their way inside. They battle specters, ghosts and zombies and accidentally blow a holes in the walls with leftover explosives left in the mine.

Eventually they find and kill the Nue. They discover the Nue to be a mother beast from the underdark trying to helplessly feed her babies. Her children, it seems, have been dead for a long time and the mean brought to them was left to rot. An underdark passage is found and the party blocks it hoping to prevent any further breaches. They float downstream through an underground river, which flows back out to their home and to the Mill once again.

Session 6

Kegadin, Rheagar, Kurn, Zatarra

Although lacking in finding stockpiles for the incoming winter, the party becomes known as “The Heros of Shallow Lake” for preventing any further losses from the strange beast. After celebrating, they run into Bridger, a shady fellow who begs for their continued heroics to overthrow the despotic McConville governor, steal his money and give it back to the people.

Fearful of him, they knock Bridger out and kidnap him back to the mill for interrogation. (It goes poorly.) Reis catches wind of this impromptu kidnapping and believes it would cause more harm then good to keep him. Instead, Reis points the party to the temple of Mordikan. The priest there tells them Bridger is a loyal zealot and that he, too wishes to see the McConville governor punished. It had been tradition for his last 14 ruling ancestors to occasionally pay tribute but instead this McConville had hold himself up in the mansion, paying no tribute to anyone. The party reluctantly agreed to send him a message. On the way they learned how the governor was keeping slaves and sought to raid the place to free them.

They entered the mansion, ignoring his prize chicken for later, and ran into the 14th ghost of McConville.

Session 7

Kegadin, Rheagar, Kurn, Zatarra, Nagafen

The party finds Nagafen, tied up and bound among the slaves in the home. They have difficulty continuing as they fend off two more ghosts of McConville and don’t know what to do with their freed slaves as the home is still patrolled. The ghosts are defeated without giving them time to introduce themselves.

Eventually they fight their way to the top where the currently living McConville is living in luxury feeling up his concubine. The party bursts in, where the living McConville faints. Eager to protect the integrity of the family, the ghosts assimilate and create “the great ghost of McConville” and battle the party. Eventually the ghost is defeated for good and party comes across the treasure trove of the governor’s wealth.

Session 8

Kegadin, Rheagar, Kurn, Zatarra, Nagafen

By now it is very late in the night. They runninto Bessy (the prize huge chicken) and kill it to double on their message. The party decides, with their message sent, to steal the money and take the governor hostage to the temple. Upon taking the governor back to the priest, he convinces them to let him work out a deal with the McConville leader to keep in leadership but establish a regular tribute. The party fears a doublecross, but relents to the idea.

They return to the mill, waking the next day to breakfast. Hoping to see the results of their deed, they go back to find the temple abandoned and the priest having fled the town. The governor is back in power and more soldiers trot along the street, although people still proclaim them Heros and do not assault them.

They go back to their mill in the evening only to find it engulfed in flames. Bandits, killed when the party finds them, have set the place alight and kidnapped Shiela and Reis. The mill is burned to the ground and their reputation completely tarnished in a day. On the body they find notes of their leaders, Bailor and Drunder, on Mount Kujo to the east. Seeking vengeance and their family members, the party dashes away in pursuit.

Bunyan meets them on their way out, saying he had killed a few bandits in retreat. He wishes them well in their endeavor and sees them off to ensure their safety in leaving Shallow Lake. Without a home, the party goes off on a new quest to kill their new foe and reunite their family.

Trouble at Shallow Lake

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