evil_sheep_by_drone_5-d6l93ot.pngType: NPC
Last Known Attitude: Hostile
Last seen location: Wyndia
Status: Unknown

Some children, only in the bravest of dares, whisper His name into soiled ponds and streams. The story, as it goes, that He will ascend from the waters and pull the unsuspecting below, never to be heard from again. The truth is far more frightful, as He waits much more patiently then a child would give credit. Parents, even great scholars in all their wisdom, turn pale white when asked about Him. Few wish to discuss his true nature. His legend soars beyond Astral Plane and even those of the deepest depths of the Underdark tremble in want for safety at His mere mention.

There is a great debate about His return. Some sacrifice to Him in desperation, hoping to appease his undying blood-lust. They foolishly hope to score favor and be spared of the horrors of His judgement day. Alas, on that day there will be no mercy. Fire will reign from the sky, the canyons will collapse on themselves and the sky will be covered in eternal darkness. The very existence of all species will cease to exist the moment He so wills it.

When He returns, all time ends. Only He remains.



Last of the Brood Patricoo