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Welcome to a Peaceful Future

Since the natural world was formed the gods and primordials had been locked in continuous struggle for it’s control. Each plane created a species that would act as an avatar for their influence. For the primordials, the dragons and for the gods, the human-like Brood race. The war between the two raged for centuries and saw much of the world in ruin because of it. In an effort to restore civility, the god Erathis left his Pantheon, destroyed the two races entirely and restored order.

A legend lost to time, all of it meant little to the family of Reis, who lived tucked away in the woods of Shallow Lake. Considered a band of no good trouble makers, Reis, Shiela and the lost souls that lived with them, stayed in a water mill off the Crater Creek. Sure, rough winters called for the occasional theft or con but it was a relatively peaceful life. No great war ravaged the countryside and no mighty deity threatened to destroy the universe.

But the world around them was changing. Not suddenly, but subtly. Soon the family would learn that the gentle woods of Shallow Lake would offer no protection.

About the Game

Last Breath of the Brood is a campaign played with the 4e style of D&D. We use Roll20 system for combat and management and meet once every two weeks on Saturdays.


Chapters are critical marks of the campaign defined by major events.

Trouble at Shallow Lake

Played by Rhegar, Kurn, Kegadin, Zatarra, Nagafen

Kingdom of Wyndia

Played by Rhegar, Kurn, Kegadin, Zatarra, Nagafen, Magna

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